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I don't blame you for the art hiatus. Life happens, and sometimes the bug isn't biting. But you ARE doing okay, right?

[[My sleep is fucked, but my bronchitis has finally ended, so that’s a plus]]

[[It’s just a matter of getting started again, I guess]]

[[Thank you everyone for dealing with the silence and my ramblings on the blog]]

  1. I think of him more like…jessie and james. never giving up. but in the same way..he is getting older eventually.
  2. define reforming in what way? what do you mean exactly?

[[Consider canon a moment. Miror B. technically went the entire second game not showing any illegal activity on screen. The only association he has with Cipher really seems to be that he’s able to hunt down and snatch up Shadow Pokemon that ran away, as well as stealing Shadow Dragonite; possibly in retaliation for not inviting him back]]

[[He also attends Colosseum battles a lot, and the boys mention things relating to food and shelter. This implies that he uses the Colosseums as a money maker because it’s too difficult to perform too many thefts now that he and the boys have a pretty low reputation. He has to earn his keep fair and square to avoid trouble.]]

[[This, to me, shows signs that maybe Miror will get tired of failure and give up the criminal business if there’s an opportunity for him to keep making a living by other means. Even on this blog, Miror is kinda down about not being able to commit crimes like he used to, simply because everyone expects him to and is most likely prepared. It’s not fun anymore. He’s lost his spark]]

[[There’s a chance he may give up and try something new in life, going down a different route. And if he does get his spark back, how long will it take before it goes out again through repeat failure, under the trope of bad guys not allowed to be successful?]]

[[There’s just a very high, and realistic, chance of him giving up and trying to become a relatively decent member of society—just because he’d finally start getting positive results out of it]]

[[If YOU kept failing at the same thing over and over… wouldn’t YOU want to try something new?]]

Ground types who can learn surf

((Reforming as in…decides on ‘no more crime’? ))



[[How would you feel knowing I might end up ‘reforming’ Miror in the long run?]]


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Hey Mun, I have a question, based on that massive block of text that you posted, as well as your interpretation of Miror, what do you think would happen if he actually figured out how The Shadow Process worked? Would he rebel against Cipher? Perhaps sabotage them from the shadows? I'm curious is all.

[[I wondered when someone would ask!]]

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[[A practice sketch I used as a reference for the April Fool’s Day nonsense]]
[[Sadly I cannot draw guitars worth beans, so Benjiro’s instrument never made an appearance in a single ask. Oh well]]

[[A practice sketch I used as a reference for the April Fool’s Day nonsense]]

[[Sadly I cannot draw guitars worth beans, so Benjiro’s instrument never made an appearance in a single ask. Oh well]]

Miror B. and Pokemon

          If any of you are familiar with Pokemon’s long line of antagonists, you’ll notice that most of them tend to follow a pattern: using Pokemon for profit, as weapons, or as tools. Everyone from the beginning era of Team Rocket, to the more obscure groups like Dim Sun, they have used Pokemon as if they were relatively disposable (though Aqua and Magma both come in the question, since their objectives involved geographic reconfiguration rather than Pokemon directly). It’s safe to say that most members of these criminal organizations either never cared much for Pokemon in the first place, or have been trained and/or indoctrinated to seal away their feelings for these creatures and focus on their prime objective.


          Of all of these groups, Cipher is arguably one of the most inhumane of them all. By using an unknown scientific method to ‘close up the heart’ of a Pokemon; leaving them to be nothing more than a destructive monster with absolutely no regard for Pokemon and human life alike. A truly heartless act that is not an easy one to stomach, if the humans involved haven’t sealed their own hearts up in a way to not feel sorry for the Shadow Pokemon that Cipher creates.


          But what of Miror B.?

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